Under Surveillance - Behind the Scenes by Yuval Shiboli

As I was heading for this day of architecture shooting in Munich it was clear to me it’s just a matter of time before the rain catches me and forces me back to my hotel.

Munich has so much to offer and my Google map was full of those green “want to go” pins.

I visited the HVB tower, the BMW museum, the endless staircase and then, headed to the ADAC Zentrale.

This building is amazing with so many interesting angles. I wondered there for a long time with my Nikon D500, my old and faithful Nikkor 10-24 and her heavy sister the N type 24-120. I shot wide and narrow, looking for that unique capture that will ignite my imagination:

… until, suddenly, a thunder striked and I felt a drop of rain falling on my forehead. Disappointed, I packed my gear and headed to the nearby U Bahn station. I don’t know what was it, but something made me stop, turn around and take this on last shot:


Not much of a picture, but something felt right- the way the building is posed, this security camera, and the sort of dialog between them… I felt right away this is something I can’t ignore.

It took a little bit of photoshop magic to align them both in the right angles


and several hours to selectively mask the different parts of the building in order to reach the desired effect I was looking for.

And finally- all that was left was edding the gradiented sky


This is how the squense looks like of video. Hope you enjoy it!