Silver Star award and 4 honorable mentions @ ND Awards 2017 by Yuval Shiboli

 I couldn't be more excited and thankful as my works gain huge honor and recognition on this year's ND Awards Photo contest .

The 4 photos submitted under Architecture category has received Honorable Mentions, the amazing achievement is the series White Square Emotions winning 2nd place and being granted Silver Star Award under Fine-Art (Photomanipulations) category.  

Head Up High - published on by Yuval Shiboli

I'm proud and happy to have my work Head Up High selected and published by the curators team.

DSC_2067-2.jpg is the world's biggest curated photo gallery online. Each photo is selected by professional curators.  

I've created a short video clip to preset the sequence of editing this picture- from original image to the final outcome. 

Enjoy :)  

Head Up High- the making of... by Yuval Shiboli

DOCK office tower is one of the most impressive buildings in MedienHafen Düsseldorf.
It's 63 meters and 15 floors were designed by Architect Jo Coenen and completed in 2002.
I was overwhelmed by the powerful structure and the contrast it holds between the cold gray concrete core and the see-through glass walls wrapping it around.


(click on image for original)

I used my super wide angle lens for this shot with a max 10mm focal length to capture as much of the tower as I could, leaving enough space for the post processing distortion I had in mind:

Original shot

Original shot

After setting the right composition and distortion in Lightroon, I switched to Photoshop and used the Nik Silver Efex plugin to create two layers- a dark base with low contrast and a light layer with high contrast:  

The next step was blending it all together using masking, brashing and gradient tools- here is the layout of the layers I used:


As always- I've collected those snapshots to a sequence video for you to enjoy:

This shot features the DOCK office tower @ MedienHafen Düsseldorf. Post processing using lightroom, photoshop and silver efex... enjoy Music:

Urban.Envisioned@C.A.R Innovative art fair Ruhr, Essen, Germany by Yuval Shiboli

The art fair contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) intends to establish a strong regional art market for the Ruhr and its more than 5.3 million residents.
Ever since its founding, C.A.R. has consistently re-invented itself, with new partners and participants joining every year as well as new participants from other European countries to make the fair more international.
Gurushots has selected my photo 'Anticipation' to be showcased in their group exhibition at C.A.R this year.

Telling a Story, Gurushots@C.A.R

Telling a Story, Gurushots@C.A.R

The opening night was an awesome evening where we had the chance to meet with other photographers and artists and the Gurushots team.

Stay tuned for more great news as I start working on my solo exhibition that will take place on March '18.


Urban.Envisioned@BLACK Magazin by Yuval Shiboli

BLACK magazine is a German black and white Photography Magazine. It presents exceptional works of national and international black and white photographers and describes their intentions and ways of working. 
I couldn't be happier to see my Urban.Envisioned works selected to be featured in the recent issue of BLACK magazine released today.