Giant Relic- The Making Of... by Yuval Shiboli

I had a couple of hours to shoot in Haifa- The northern seaport city of Israel.
Back in the 80', as a teenager leaving up north, I used to travel back and forth through Haifa's central bus station.
A giant monster of concrete covered with black stains of smoke ejected from the endless diesel engines running through it's trails.

Haifa Old central station

by "Eged" historic archive
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Nowadays, new bus stations are active in Haifa and the old station is left deserted- a giant relic from an age of diesel and concrete.
Surrounded with walls it has turned into a blocked construction site... Luckily for me it was empty and the gate was open :)
I couldn't resist the window of opportunity and marched in to find the best spot.

I decided to frame the tall tower with the bridge. I really liked the decayed texture of the heavy brifge. as it was shadowed and completely contrasted to the bright skies I took several serieses of 3 frame HDRs.

2 HDR.jpg


HDR Efex Pro Nik plugin

and crop


Remove sky



Silver Efex Nik Plugin



Selective light
and contrast

Silver Efex Nik Plugin

Here's a short video of the sequance:

I really enjoyed working on this image- it took me back to my childhood days.
Hope you enjoy it too.... Share your thoughts and comment bellow. Feel free to like and share.