Tin Can- The Making of... by Yuval Shiboli

Sometimes the most interesting subjects and locations are just under your nose.
Preparing to my first sole exhibition in my hometown of Kefar Saba, Israel I realized I have pictures from all around the world but not from the town I leave in. I've set to look for a location within my daily scenery. 

The new sports hall of one of the schools in town drew my attention. With the permission of the school's manager I've entered the yard to capture this long exposure shot. I had a small window of opportunity before the kids rolled out from class and filled the schoolyard. 

The original shot was carried with a 16 stops Firecrest ND filter by HighTech Formatt.
130 seconds exposure in mid-day at 10mm, f5.0 ISO 100.
Enjoy the sequence video: 

This shot features the a schoolyard sports hall in Kefar Saba, Israel. Post processing using lightroom, photoshop and silver efex... enjoy Music: