Awards & Recognitions

My artwork is getting a worldwide recognition that comes in many shapes and forms.

While this is not the reason for my creative quest, it is certainly a pleasant part of it.


Honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards 2018

Great news from the prestigious International Photography Awards.
My artworks has received 4 honorable mentions!
What makes it even more unique is the balance of works that were nominated: 
Color series: White Square Emotions 
B&W series: Life on Mars
Color single: DoubleDock
B&W single: Tower of Light

Bronze Winner at Px3 2018


The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (P×3) is one of the most prestigious photography prizes out there. Juried by leading editors, publishers, curators, gallery owners, consultants, creative directors, and art directors, P×3 brings the best of photography from across the globe to Paris.

My work 'RollerCoaster' just won 3rd place and awarded Bronze prize in FineArt Architecture category.

Honorable Mentions at Monochrome Awards 2018

My work has received tremendous accreditation with all 3 photos submitted to Monochrome Awards 2018 receiving Honorable Mentions.

Selected Top Artist of Today by Art Market Magazine


Art Market Magazine is known for its quality publication, bringing the readers a deeper focus on auctions, art fairs and exhibitions from all over the world, article and exclusive interviews with emerging and most known artists in the world today.

I was selected as Top Artist and featured in the honorable Art Market Magazine’s GOLD LIST of Top Contemporary Artists of Today.

Silver Star award and honorable mentions at ND Awards 2017

The series White Square Emotions won 2nd place and was granted Silver Star Award.

In addition 4 photos submitted under Architecture category has received Honorable Mentions.  

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